How translation connects people?

As we discussed in the previous blog, that translation connects people. In this blog I will tell you that how this thing works. Actually, a creation or literature becomes world famous when it is translated from one language to another, so that it can reach a large number of readers. 

For example- Bhagwat geeta, an Indian mythological book, which is world famous. People of every country like it very much as it provides the real value to a reader. Have you ever thought, that how it became so popular? Let me tell you, Bhagwat geeta was basically written in Sanskrit language then it was  translated into many languages such as Hindi, English, French, etc. So, that a large community can connect with it. This is the power of translation that it conveys the message of creation to all over the world.

I hope you will like this quality of translation that easily connects peoples of different culture or countries very well.

Published by ashish tanwar

My name is ashish tanwar, I like translation very much. It gave me a new hope when I was searching for an unique field. I completed master degree in Hindi but after that, I did PG Diploma in translation. After completing Diploma in translation, I am actively work in the field and till now I have +3 year experience in it.

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